"In this market, you need someone you can rely on when the need is there, and Barb is the one who stands above the crowd." - Mouthou Saminathen, Engr Supv, Contract Mfr, Silicon Valley

We specialize in Automated X-ray Test


Program Development and Delivery - Quality 5DX/x6000 automated X-ray inspection
  to uncover even marginal defects

Training - Basic and advanced training for programmers and repair operators
Component Testability - Determine the X-ray testability of new devices and technologies
Test Auditing - 5DX and x6000 application auditing to ensure effective test results
On-site assistance - Program development and troubleshooting at your own site
Test system implementation - Get test equipment up and running quickly!
Remote support - Saves time and money
CAD translation services


• Leverage from industry's most experienced programmer
• Cost savings with remote support
• Improve manufacturing quality through defect elimination and process improvement
• Quick turn results leading to cost savings faster

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